Phone and Skype Interviews

Phone and Skype Interviews are regularly becoming more common as more companies have remote workers or if you have to move for the job. At first thought this seems like a scary prospect however with these tips for phone or skype interviews we can give you the upper hand!

 Create a cheat sheet- Have your resume on hand and jot down the skills and accomplishments you have acquired at your jobs. This way while you are speaking you have a handy sheet that has all of your information on hand. Be sure to have a pen on hand so you can write down any information or phone numbers they may give you.

 Quiet on the set- Be sure the room you are in is clear of any distractions or noise. Your roommates or family shouldn’t have the T.V. on mute—keep it off completely! If possible go into a separate bedroom so you aren’t distracted.

 Pause- Understanding the interviewer and taking social cues over the phone can be awkward. Therefore try your best to ease the situation. Pause a minute after you think the question is over. You don’t want to interrupt them when they are asking a complex question. This also gives you a moment to compose your answer. When you do start speaking be sure to speak slowly! Words can easily get lost when technology is involved. You don’t want the interviewer to have to ask you to repeat something a few times.

 An interview is always stressful so be sure to practice our pre-interview tips to help you prepare for that big day—or big call!




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