Job Interview Mistakes

Nervous about a big job interview coming up! Here are a few tips that will help you impress your future boss.

Quiet Down- many people talk more when they get nervous. They start to answer a question and before you know it the interviewer is bored don’t even want to ask you the second question. Try and keep your cool when answering questions and pay attention to the other person’s body language. If they start fidgeting and looking away then you have lost their attention!

Keep Secrets- when you are interviewing you may think talking bad about your previous employer will make you look serious about finding a new job. However this is not the case – keep those secrets to yourself! It makes them hesitant to hire you if you are trash talking your old employee and that you may be a difficult employee. 

Too casual- be sure to show up to your interview looking professional, clean and enthusiastic. You want to show them the very best of yourself. Don’t forget a firm handshake! These things will all show your future employer that you take the time to care about your appearance and first impressions, and then you will take the same time and care into your job performance.



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